4Sight in Action
Counter-Terrorism and Extremism

Video: Leveraging Data Fusion to Accelerate Multi-Source Investigations

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Law Enforcement professionals are faced with an ever-increasing volume of intelligence from traditional and non-traditional sources, often in silos, that have the potential to slow down and complicate investigations. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how 4Sight, JSI’s Intelligence Fusion Platform, combines data from multiple sources to single analytical platform to conduct a fictional counter-terrorism investigation.

In this video we will show:

  • Workflows that layer intelligence from OSINT, deep/dark web data, silent ping, IP traffic, and mobile forensics to efficiently triage data, identify and profile targets and associates
  • Visualizations like link charts, mapping and timelines that help establish patterns of life, and produce meaningful conclusions
  • AI enrichments to further augment, visualize, and report on the collected data, reducing the noise to focus on a successful outcome

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