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Spend less time managing across data sources and more time uncovering insight with powerful analytics developed for law enforcement and security.

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Law Enforcement and security organizations are faced with an ever-increasing volume of intelligence data from disparate sources. 4Sight helps make sense of complex data with a platform that normalizes, visualizes, and analyzes in a single intuitive platform. Uncover insights sooner and get to investigative breakthroughs faster.


Connect disparate data sets of any size — live or historical, structured or unstructured — mitigating risk created by silos.


Uncover connections, patterns, and behaviors to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of data in a single platform.


Consolidate fragmented systems and tools, streamline workflows, and maximize team efficiency to focus on what matters most.

4Sight: A Powerful Investigative Platform

Flexible Data Ingest

Quickly and seamlessly consolidate data from any source – from telephony, location and IP data to OSINT, dark web and financial transactions including blockchain – for analysis in near real time.

Dynamic Visualizations

Leverage dynamic visualizations to get a full view of your target, including location, behavior, associations, and patterns of life.

a rendering of a 4sight dashboard view on pc and mobile

Enriched with AI

Augment with AI enrichments to triage and add context to your data – including object recognition and key phrase spotting – to reduce noise and accelerate outcomes.

Secure and Compliant

Trust the integrity of the evidence to be secure and untampered, compliant with regulations, and drive investigative results.

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In this on-demand webinar, JSI's tradecraft experts demonstrate how 4Sight combines data from multiple sources to a single analytical platform to accelerate a counter-terrorism investigation.

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Built for Today and Tomorrow


Standards-based APIs to handle any 3rd party or proprietary data source, now and in the future.


Scale-out architecture, capable of processing billions of sessions with lightning-fast speed.


Deployed single or multi-tenant; on-premise or hosted; in the command center or the field.

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