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JSI is dedicated to the mission of law enforcement, intelligence, security, and any organization safeguarding what matters most for the well-being and safety of communities and countries. From counter-terrorism operations to criminal investigations, border security to critical infrastructure protection, 4Sight enables informed decisions and swift action when it matters most.

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Law Enforcement

On both a national and local level, law enforcement teams are challenged by an ever-evolving array of potential data sources – both live and historical. With its powerful analytics capabilities, 4Sight helps law enforcement agencies identify patterns, trends, and correlations within their data, enabling them to uncover valuable insights and actionable intelligence. This enables proactive crime prevention, effective resource allocation, and informed decision-making. JSI’s advanced platform also facilitates information sharing and collaboration among different law enforcement agencies, fostering a unified approach to combating crime and enhancing overall security.

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Intelligence and Security

JSI’s 4Sight empowers intelligence agencies to gather, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data from diverse sources. The platform’s advanced analytics capabilities enable the identification of patterns, trends, and connections within the data, providing valuable insights for threat detection and prevention. JSI equips intelligence agencies with the means to proactively identify risks, enhance situational awareness, and take decisive actions to safeguard their nations and communities from security threats.

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In this on-demand webinar, JSI's tradecraft experts demonstrate how 4Sight combines data from multiple sources to a single analytical platform to conduct a counter-terrorism investigation.

4Sight in Action: Counter-terrorism and Extremism
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Customs and Borders

Customs officials are challenged with efficiently collecting, processing, and analyzing vast amounts of data related to cross-border activities.  4Sight integrates data from various sources, including customs declarations, cargo manifests, travel records, and intelligence databases, providing a comprehensive and real-time view of border activities. This enhanced situational awareness enables Customs officials to make informed decisions, target high-risk shipments or individuals, and take timely actions to intercept contraband, prevent illegal activities, and maintain the integrity of their borders.

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Through advanced analytics, 4Sight can help detect indicators of radicalization, gang affiliations, or potential security breaches, allowing prison authorities to take proactive measures. By providing real-time insights and alerts, JSI’s Intelligence Fusion platform empowers prison and correctional facility administrators to maintain a safer environment, mitigate risks, and take appropriate actions to ensure the security and well-being of staff, inmates, and the surrounding community.

Critical Infrastructure

By harnessing the power of AI-driven intelligence fusion, 4Sight empowers public and private sector organizations to proactively manage risk, safeguard assets, and maintain compliance. Our comprehensive platform enhances situational awareness, strengthening operational resilience and preserving the reputation and continuity of businesses. Gain unparalleled visibility over critical infrastructure with 4Sight, equipping your organization with the means to confidently navigate security challenges and ensure uninterrupted operations.

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