Lawful Collection 

Acquire, manage, and report on lawfully collected data with the platform that sets the standard for digital intelligence.

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Criminal communication patterns are evolving. So 4Sight has evolved to provide a platform that streamlines every step of the lawful intercept process — from standards-based collection to monitoring to reporting — in a manner that is safe, secure, and compliant.


Complies with national laws and security requirements to deliver a powerful and customizable data collection and analysis engine.


From data collection and audit trails within the system to secure, digitally signed packages upon export, 4Sight is built with secure flexibility and customization in mind.


Adapts to the standard operating procedures of law enforcement and security organizations, rather than forcing a change in process to adapt to software capabilities.

Understand target location in real time

See live location updates from one or multiple targets as they are received from streaming deliveries, including target locations derived from mobile phone towers, enhanced location-based services, and tracking devices.

Triage and enhance with enrichments

Leverage 4Sight’s integrated translation, transcription, and phonetic search engines to search your content for specific people or phrases of interest across all sources. Use our notifications engine to be alerted anytime those people or phrases are found.

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Keep pace with regulatory change

4Sight is constantly evolving to keep up with international regulatory and delivery standards. Our dedicated interface teams ensure that our customers remain secure and compliant. JSI has been trusted for over 40 years to support mission-critical operations worldwide.


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