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New suite of investigative tools to deliver efficiency, insight, and trust – powered by Iris

PRAGUE, CZ, JUNE 4, 2024 JSI, the pioneer in digital intelligence solutions for law enforcement and security organizations, today announced a significant advancement to its digital investigation platform, 4Sight, with the introduction of Iris, an AI engine that powers a comprehensive suite of investigative tools designed to help navigate the ever-increasing volume and variety of intelligence data.

With investigations becoming increasingly digital and sophisticated, analysts and investigators need advanced tools that can help swiftly identify patterns and potential threats, while ensuring adherence to emerging AI regulatory requirements. Just as JSI helped define the standard for digital collection with 1994’s CALEA Act, the introduction of Iris ushers in a new era in digital investigations with secure and powerful AI solutions to help security teams stay ahead of their adversaries.

“Over the past 40 years, JSI has continuously evolved our platform to address our customers’ most complex challenges, and Iris represents the next evolution of that commitment”, said Sacha Gera, JSI CEO. “By placing AI at the center of 4Sight’s investigative workflow, we’re equipping trusted institutions with groundbreaking tools that significantly improve team efficiency and investigative outcomes, paving the way to a safer and more secure world.”


Purpose-built for the law enforcement and intelligence communities, Iris powers three, fully integrated solutions that optimize the investigative workflow:

♦ Language Analytics: Iris converts speech into actionable text, streamlining manual and resource-intensive tasks like transcription and translation, speaker identification, and alerts on key insights from conversations.

♦ Vision Analytics: Analyzing vast collections of images, Iris helps identify pertinent objects, faces, and more. Sensitive content detection automatically identifies reported and suspected sensitive material for appropriate handling and investigator protection and welfare.

♦ Investigative Assistance: Using the most advanced generative AI large language model (LLM), Iris responds to natural language queries and scans across disparate data sources, identifies insights, and quickly prioritizes information into easily digestible summaries.


Iris responds to prompts asking for activity summaries across disparate data types, as demonstrated in this investigative scenario, leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) data

A commitment to secure and compliant AI

JSI’s AI product suite has been developed using stringent security measures and compliance standards throughout. With these capabilities routinely validated with emerging legislation, such as the EU AI Act, law enforcement and security organizations can enhance public safety with the confidence that they are operating in a secure environment, safeguarding sensitive data and adhering to regulatory requirements. To demonstrate our commitment, JSI has joined over 200 leading organizations in the new U.S. AI Safety Institute Consortium (AISIC) to collaborate on the development and deployment of trustworthy and safe AI.

“Iris is the result of extensive consultation with leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies around the world, with a deep understanding of the challenges data complexity creates for their teams,” said Kevin Atkins, Executive Director of AI at JSI. “With Iris, we are bringing a transparent and secure AI ecosystem that is focused on helping investigators, and not replacing them.”

Meet Iris at ISS World Europe, June 4-6 in Prague

JSI is a sponsor of ISS World Europe – the largest global gathering of professionals in law enforcement and security – and will be providing live demos in the Exhibit Hall (Stand 35). JSI will also deliver two seminars addressing the considerations surrounding AI efficiency, accuracy, and compliance:

  • Tuesday, June 4 – 09:25-10:15 From Data Deluge to Discovery: Leveraging AI to Accelerate Investigations
  • Thursday, June 6 – 09:15-10:00 Harnessing Generative AI to Power the Next Generation of Digital Intelligence

To experience 4Sight’s new capabilities firsthand during ISS World Europe, or at any time, contact the JSI team to request a private demo.

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JSI is the leading provider of AI-enabled digital intelligence solutions, trusted by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and security organizations worldwide. Founded in 1979, JSI is a privately-held company with offices in Washington, Ottawa, Frankfurt, and Sydney. With customers in over 30 countries, across 6 continents, JSI's software is used to expand awareness, surface patterns, and simplify data complexity in support of mission-critical operations. JSI is known for its purpose-driven culture, with a global team of over 400 professionals who are committed to making the world a safer and more secure place. Learn how our mission supports yours at www.jsitelecom.com.

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