Techopia Live: New CEO heralds next chapter for JSI


In a recent episode of Techopia Live, Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ) publisher Michael Curran interviews JSI’s new CEO, Sacha Gera about his plans for the organization and how he intends to capitalize on the company’s existing strengths while exploring some of the emerging trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Despite being a well-established company, many in the local tech sector are still discovering JSI’s success story.

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In this podcast, Sacha touches on some of the rich history of JSI dating back to 1979 and what has enabled it to endure, and thrive until today. With new leadership at the helm, JSI is ready to exit stealth mode and start making an even larger impact on the world.

Like many companies in the tech industry, JSI is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance its offerings. Recognizing the growing importance of AI in the next decade, the company embraces AI as a co-pilot, empowering its clients and enabling them to work more efficiently, tackle complex challenges, and streamline processes, ultimately contributing to a safer world.


We are a company that helps keep the world safe every single day. Most of these folks that do their jobs that we enable through our AI-enabled analytics platform called 4Sight, are unsung heroes. And so, our employees give back every single day by making a great product that works, that helps keep the world safe, that is ahead of the game when it comes to AI.

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For over 40 years, JSI has been a trusted partner of law enforcement, intelligence, and security organizations worldwide. With offices in Ottawa, Washington DC, Sydney and Frankfurt, JSI’s global team of experts is dedicated to helping identify and protect against today’s threats, while preparing for tomorrow.

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