Risk Management

Fortify your critical infrastructure with comprehensive visibility, actionable insights, and real-time context to make informed decisions faster.

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4Sight Security and Risk Management solutions are built to uncover hidden patterns, detect anomalies and ensure compliance. Seamlessly integrate a myriad of data sources for actionable insights and safeguard your organization from emerging risks and threats — just as we’ve done for law enforcement and national security for over 40 years.


Unify data, remove noise, and spot trends across internal and external sources for enhanced operational security and data-driven decision-making.


Align historical and real-time data, standardize risk assessments, and expedite communication to every level of your stakeholder groups.


Empower confident decisions, streamline incident response, and optimize resource allocation.

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Protect from Insider Threat

Safeguard your organization and its critical assets against insider threats by detecting pre-incident indicators specific to your organization’s unique risk profile. 4Sight fuses data from any source to surface risks and proactively identify suspicious behavior, helping prevent malicious breaches, workplace violence, and intentional sensitive data exfiltration.

Ensure Business Continuity

Mitigate vendor risks and ensure uninterrupted operations with end-to-end visibility across your vendor ecosystem. 4Sight’s intuitive, visual platform helps efficiently identify dependencies, monitor supplier security, conduct risk assessments, and inform resilience planning.

Built for Today and Tomorrow


Supports both on-premise and cloud deployments. Adapts to organizational needs and changing security landscapes.


Meets industry standard security requirements, ensuring your organization’s compliance obligations are never in question.


Scales seamlessly to handle billions of sessions at high speeds, accommodating evolving security demands.

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