consolidated data. limitless results.

4Sight is Data Fusion


With the broad and ever-changing array of data types available to today’s organizations, the most effective solution is a platform that meets your needs today and is extensible to meet the problems of tomorrow.


The 4Sight Platform includes a vast set of data collectors supporting structured and unstructured data;  a library of enrichments; a set of intuitive processing and analytical interfaces; and the ability to extend any aspect of the platform to suit your organization's needs.


With 4Sight, organizations spend less of their time working with their data.  Instead, they see patterns; they understand trends; they gain perspective.

4Sight Evolves With You Through...

Standards-based collection

With 4Sight installations throughout the world, our dedicated interface compliance team will ensure 4Sight supports all of your local standards-based interfaces.

Extensibility & Versatility

Our extensive and standards-based API guarantees that JSI or your organization can load any type of data into your 4Sight system.

IP Analytics

Our Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine handles multi-Gbps collection while classifying and decoding the information collected as it is received.


4Sight’s integrated big data technologies provide any number of users with a solution that can store billions of records and still provide instantaneous response times.

Endless Possibilities.

Customize and extend any part of the platform.

User Interfaces

4Sight includes a powerful set of user interfaces that can be adjusted so that it perfectly aligns with your mission; add, remove, or modify components at any time.

Database Structure

Extend or modify our database models to perfectly align with your needs.

Build Your Own UI

Would you like a custom dashboard? Or a focused interface for a specific type of user?  Our APIs provide you with the ability to create any number of your own user interfaces at any time.

Are you ready to find out how we can help you succeed?