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one UI. maximum results.

4Sight surfaced links and communication patterns in our data that simply weren’t apparent when it was in any other data platform.

Current 4Sight User & Sworn LEA Officer


Card Perspective

A visual preview of the content facilitating at-a-glance triage and processing of collected data.


Grid Perspective

A familiar view that provides understanding of important metadata and that draws attention to sessions of potential interest.


Map Perspective

Gain a complete understanding of your targets' patterns of life through a geospatial view across all location data in your system.


Timeline Perspective

A chronological view of your data allows the user to visually group and link any interactions between targets, associates, and events of interest.


Link Chart Perspective

A powerful communication network analysis tool that graphs and groups items based on the interactions within the network.


Entities Perspective

A perspective focused specifically on the people, places and things in your data.  Effortlessly map relationships and highlight key people across all collection sources.

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