Technology Leadership

JSI develops and manufactures all of its products, integrating them with best-of-breed, commercial hardware and software modules to give customers maximum flexibility in configuration, supply, and support.

Over the years, we have created an exceptional product line, such as our VB Unified Collection Management (VB UCMâ„¢) system, as well as intelligent products for telephone, data, and cellular PCS applications. We have also developed innovative solutions for all major voice, fax, modem and IP Internet challenges, and have worked with telecommunications service providers and switch vendors to test their information delivery methods with our systems.

JSI is recognized for its pro-active approach to R&D. Customers appreciate that we are often the first to market with new features and capabilities. Because our products often anticipate customer needs that apply across the entire telecommunications industry, they are competitively priced and easier to support.

Tech Tips from JSI
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